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The 49 Campus


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Princeton's Meow


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Lilly Bell (DR1448) & Tatum (DR1449)

About Lilly Bell (DR1448) & Tatum (DR1449)

Lilly Bell & Tatum are the sweetest, cutest little Rat Terriers you'd ever want to meet.

Mr. Bean (DR1486)

About Mr. Bean (DR1486)

Mr. Bean is a beautiful little Pit Bull puppy. He is absolutely adorable. He is very special because he cannot see or hear! So he needs to go to a loving family that will love and nurture him.

Dora (D6471)

About Dora (D6471)

Dora is a beautiful tri-color Beagle, weighing 20 pounds. She is as sweet as the day is long.

Calvin (D6475)

About Calvin (D6475)

Calvin is an AWESOME Golden Retriever / Lab mix.

Calvin is a very sweet, very friendly dog weighing 55 pounds. Calvin will make a fine family pet.

Brownie (D6388)

About Brownie (D6388)

Brownie is a beautiful Lab/Golden Retriever mix, surrendered with her brother DJ. She weighs 50 pounds.

Brownie is a great dog and would be a great addition to any family! She appears to have NO aggressions
(toys, food, etc.)

You can meet / adopt Brownie at our
Ruth’s Memorial Shelter
2010 Wilshire Ct., SW
Concord, NC 28025

or by sending an email to:

(704)784-PETS (7387) - press Option 0

Morgan (D6348)

About Morgan (D6348)

Morgan is a beautiful , sweet black & tan hound / rotti / shepherd mix. Morgan had to have surgery to repair his hip because he was hit by a car. His surgery went really well and he now needs a forever home in which to conveless.

Morgan does not seem to have any aggressions (toys, food, etc.)

You can setup an appointment to meet / adopt
Morgan by sending an email to:


About Davi

Davi is a beautiful Black Lab mix. He is an awesome, awesome dog and loves all of his friends here at Ruth's.

Davi has a curly black tail that really makes him stand out!


About Sampson

Sampson is a nice little Terrier mix weighing 29 pounds.